Philosophy of Logic, Math and Physics: Graduate Conference, June 5-6, 2014

LMP 2001

May 7, 2001


Doreen Fraser (Pittsburgh)
“Reasons for the Effectiveness of Mathematics in the Physical Sciences”
Comments: Carrie Klatt

Amit Hagar (UBC)
“A Random Walk on the Moon of Jupiter: Can We Defend Interventionalism?”
Comments: Sona Ghosh

Christopher Lang (Wisconsin at Madison)
“A Problem with Probability”
Comments: Dylan Gault

Kirk McDirmid (UWO)
“A Hint for Solving the Preferred Observable Problem in Quantum Mechanics”
Comments: Derek Brown

Slobodan Perovic (York)
“Why Quantum Entanglements Are Not Emerging Properties”
Comments: Christian Lacroix

Christopher J. Smeenk (Pittsburgh)
“Evolving Laws?”
Comments: Kirk McDirmid


David Laverty and Greg Lavers

Participants in the Physics Conference

2018 Keynote Speaker

David Wallace is a philosopher of physics at the Philosophy School of the Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences at the University of Southern California.