Philosophy of Logic, Math and Physics: Graduate Conference, June 5-6, 2014

LMP 2000

April 1, 2000


Peter Apostoli (Toronto)

“The Cantorian Ordinals as proximal Wellorders of Type-Free sets”


Ori Belkind (Northwestern)
“The Concept of Mass, Conceptual Frameworks and Reference”
Comments: Melanie Frappier

Adam Elga (MIT)
“A Thermodynamic Explanation of the Counterfactual Divergence Asymmetry”
Comments: Gregory Lavers

Mary Leng (Toronto)
“What’s Wrong with Indispensability (Or, The Case for Recreational Mathematics)”
Comments: David Laverty

Gordon Locke (Toronto)
“Pierce’s Metaphysics: Evolution Synechism, and his mathematical Conception of the Continuum”
Comments: Dylan Gault

Matthew Parker (Chicago)
“Is Non-Computable Behaviour Intrinsic to Physical Science?”
Comments: Sona Ghosh

R. Dennis Potter (Notre Dame)
“Geometric Diagrams and the Problem of Universal Knowledge”
Comments: Gregory Lavers

Robert Spekkens (Toronto)
“Operational Quantum Mechanics and What the Density Operator Can’t Tell You”
Comments: Kirk McDermid

Nathan Wright (Western Michigan)
“Temporal Symmetries and Event Order”
Comments: Derek Brown


David Boutillier and Carrie Klatt

Participants in the Physics Conference

2017 Keynote Speaker

Doreen Fraser is a professor of philosophy at the University of Waterloo. Her research is largely in the philosophy of quantum field theory, but extends to broader issues such as analogies in physics and the applicability of mathematics.